I finally summoned up the courage to try on the jeans I haven't been able to wear comfortably since I was about six months pregnant. And they fit! I still have flab on my belly but they don't roll down when I sit so that's something right? I just have to keep reminding myself it took me nine months to pack this weight on and I still have about half that time to go so trying not to be too hard on myself yet. Hope everyone else is doing well..
Also I finally got my daughter to latch on and feed for a few minutes. She ate about an ounce less of formula so I'm guessing she got about an ounce out of me. Good morning so far. :)

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So proud of her

My daughter went in for her four month vaccinations yesterday morning and I'm proud to say she took them like a champ! She felt like crap afterwards but she didn't cry nearly as much as when she got her first round. She napped for the most part yesterday in between wanting to be cuddled and crying from discomfort and went to bed last night at around eight and slept until six thirty before her first feeding this morning. Then went right back to sleep until nine. I don't know what it was but she was also very chatty yesterday and this morning too after about a week of utter silence. She's usually a chatty baby so it was nice to hear her cooing again even tho now she's so soft spoken now.
She seems like she's back to normal as far as feeling like crap goes :)
Still working on my milk supply and taking fenugreek like its going out of style but I just have to keep telling myself to be patient. It took me almost three weeks to go from nothing to two thirds of an ounce at a time so I'm not doing too bad. Hope everyone else is doing good with their little ones :)

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Hey mom bloggers!

Hi Mom Bloggers, I am helping Alexis Martin Neely launch her new book, "Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly - and Essential - Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents. With her savvy book Wear Clean Underwear, Alexis helps parents understand how important – and easy – legal planning is for parents. You can find out more info on the book at

So why am I writing you?

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What Nobody Told Me About DADDIES

I thought we could use some new things. So I was looking in BabyTalk and relized that we could do my favorite thing to read here. The What Nobody Told Me About page. If any of you ladies have seen this magazine you will know what I am talking about. Here it goes our first topic. Please comment here with your's. :)

What nobody told me about DADDIES.