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♥WELCOME to x_motherhood_x

This is a community for women who are tring to concieve, mothers-to-be, and mommies of the young and old. We are here to help you when you need it. We are here to watch your children grow as well as watching our own children grow. We are just mommies and every mother needs at least one mommy friend! If you are found to be a fake or cause drama here, you will be banned for good.

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Moderator & Creator: stupidgirl86
Looking for a Co-Moderator.


We are currently looking for checkers to make sure people are not fake and not stealing graphics or anything from others.


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We are currently looking for some!

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Nothing is open yet.

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What Nobody Told Me About Daddies Nov. 5, 2007 to Nov. 11, 2007
What I am Thankful For Nov. 13, 2007 to Nov. 19, 2007

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Coming Soon.

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